Ease of Use

Quick to learn and create API's fast, in minutes to hours, not weeks to months.

For Anyone

Anyone can design API's, no technical skills required, just basic JSON.

No Hassles or Installs

No installing backend servers, frameworks, databases ...just design API's and deploy.

View API's

SwaggerUI or ReDoc

View API's using SwaggerUI or ReDoc.

Use any API request tool like PostMan, Insomnia, Curl, etc. to send requests to your API's.


GUI Designer

Use a graphical browser application to design API's by defining paths and assigning resources to those paths.


Secure Access

When you deploy API's, choose from several different types of access tokens to give users such as read only or full access.


External Webhooks

When you add, update or delete items in collections, you can send these changes to external data systems via webhooks.


Real Data

API's are designed with database access built in. For example, when you POST to a collection, that item is stored in a DB.


Sandbox to Production

API's are designed in your "Sandbox", you can then select API's to deploy to "Production" endpoints.



API's have auto generated HATEOAS links to help browse through your API's.


Getting Started